14 December 2011

Life in Perspective

On a recent post I talked about how I wanted to buy my own vehicle. I bought myself a 1997 Ford Explorer. I was so proud of myself. Was being the key word in that sentence. Ten minutes within getting it, I took a turn too sharply and I rolled the vehicle.

Just to let everyone know, I'm completely okay. I only have a few bruises and a few scratches. Joseph was in the vehicle with me, and he's fine too.

For a few more details... We rolled one and three quarter times landing on the side. I was hanging from the seat belt. Joseph kicked out the windshield and then unbuckled me. He almost had to cut me out of it. Joseph's dad was following us so we had immediate help. I felt absolutely horrible about the whole situation, especially since I was driving. It definitely scared me. I would like to thank openly all of Joseph's family and his father's friend James for helping me get through this accident, I don't know what I would have done without them.

I haven't driven a vehicle since and Joseph is very persistent on the fact he doesn't want this accident to define who I am now. I don't want it to either... I will start driving again when I'm ready.

It's also put life into perspective to me. I've been surprising stress free since the accident and I don't plan to let stress control my life anymore. Life is way too short. I found that out in a very difficult manner, I'm sad to say. I'm definitely going to drive safer and live a life that I am going to be happy with later on when I look back. I'm really just glad to say that I am alive and able to say that.

Other than that...

I got my acceptance letter from Oklahoma State University. It was a singing card that played the Fight Song. I love it so much. It will definitely be something that I keep for a long time, if not forever. I'm so ready for high school to be over. I know I will be saying at one point in my life that I wish I could go back, but I know right now that I need to move on to the next big thing.

Abi is starting to seem like she is fairly dead set on going to OSU with me too... I can only hope! We've actually started trying to pick out a Christmas tree. We're going to have so much fun decorating. I can't wait!

I know people say you aren't supposed to live with your best friend in college but we've lived apart for so long I don't see anything wrong with living together for awhile.

Well, right now I'm just ready to live my life and I hope you are too.

If I'm not on again before Christmas... Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza (sp?), Happy Hanukkah!