27 June 2012


Today we are going to experience some more Photofiltre amazingness! This tutorial focuses on how to rotate a picture. Not like, 180 or even 90, but in a different way! You'll understand when you get to the tutorial.

So now it makes a tad more sense. It's a bit hard to understand at first. This is mainly useful when creating something like a collage. I'm sure you will be creative and find other uses for it. Have fun with your new found skill!

Kisses, Andrea.


So last week I went to Athletic Training Camp at Oklahoma State University. It was my last year to go because I'm sadly graduated (not!). Even though this was my third year I feel like it was probably the best one yet. I didn't act as a loner and so I ended up making a few new friends along the way.
The first picture is from the very first day of a four day camp. I think it was obvious that we were going to become pretty good friends. The second picture is from the first day also. For those of you that don't know YOLO stands for You Only Live Once. A good thing to live by when used in the proper situation. It probably wasn't appropriate the hundreds of times we said it in those four days though. A lot of us are already making plans to see each other later this summer. I just hope I have enough time!

On a different note, I just ordered the book Happy Birthday to You! by Dr. Seuss for my boyfriend's nieces. (I ordered them off Amazon.com. I love that website!) They're turning one. I'm so excited especially since I've been dating Joseph (my boyfriend) long enough that I remember when they were born. I claim them as my nieces even if there isn't a ring on my finger yet. (For those of you who were wondering, Joseph and I will have been dating two years in August.)

Kisses, Andrea.

26 June 2012

Icon see you!

This tutorial demonstrates how to make an icon. If you don't know this already an icon is an 100X100 pixel image usually used for instant messaging pictures or other things. They're useful, or at least they used to be. For those of us who still use them, this should help you out.

I hope this helps all you icon users out!

Kisses, Andrea.

14 June 2012


Well, I'm officially Woodward High School Alumni. Graduation was a success and all I have to say is that I'm glad it's all finally over. Now I just have to prepare for college which happens to be a mere 59 days away. Eeeek! It's happening all so quickly, I just don't know what I'm going to do. Last night I rented my loft and the graduation gifts (thankfully) are still pouring in! I guess I never realized how much it was going to take to be completely ready for the college experience.

As for an update of what I am currently doing with my life... I am dieting, as of today. I horribly weigh the most I have ever weighed in my short eighteen years. Hopefully, through perseverance and what not I will be able to achieve my goal weight and feel a whole lot better about myself in the process.

I am using the Lose It! application on the iPhone to help me along the way. This weekend I plan on purchasing a blender so that I can begin replacing breakfast with a "green" smoothie such as the ones that Elsie Larson mentions on her blog. My friend (and future roommate!) Abigail has tested out the smoothies herself and says they are quite delicious. I can't wait to try my own combinations of fruit and share them with you!

(Just as a side note, you should check out Elsie Larson's blog, it's quite amazing. I read it everyday. She updates frequently and has many DIY projects!)

To those who are dieting also, good luck. To those who naturally have high metabolisms... Lucky.

Kisses, Andrea.