08 October 2012

Special Offer!

This expires October 14th, at midnight but for now if you follow this link you will be lead to my Society6.com page. The benefit you may ask? Free shipping if you order two or more of my products.

Have fun darlings.

Kisses, Andrea.

04 October 2012


Who doesn't love a day trip? When I was younger, my mother was prone to packing lunch, my brother and I into the car and then going on an adventure. As I grew older, we didn't do this as often but it has instilled such a sense of wanderlust into my heart that I sometimes wander around aimlessly on campus, content with having no planned destination. This weekend, tomorrow specifically, I'm going to ease my wanderlust for just a bit.

If you go to my Frequently Visited Websites page here and then visit the one on the tippy top of the list, you will see a pair, sisters in fact, that run not only their own blog but their own shop by the name of Red Velvet in Springfield, Missouri (which is roughly four hours away from Oklahoma State University [not including potty stops!]).

Tomorrow, at seven A.M. sharp (hopefully), my roommate and our friend will be on our own adventure to visit the lovely Springfield with Red Velvet as our main destination in mind.

For a little background, my roommate Abi introduced me to the wonderful pair of Elsie and Emma. Ever since I started reading their delightful posts about cooking, baking, crafting, photography and other things about two years ago, I never looked back. It was pretty much a match made in blogging heaven.

I hope that this day trip goes off without a hitch and maybe I'll get to meet a couple of my blogging idols. I can only dream, I suppose! Who else has been on day trips? Which was your favorite one?

My favorite usually consisted of going to Alabaster Caverns near Freedom, Oklahoma. For more information about Alabaster Caverns click here! It's worth the drive, and is a good summer destination because it stays under 60 degrees in the caves all year around! Also, there is a geocache located here.

Kisses, Andrea.