23 November 2012

Music Mania.

I've been into the more upbeat songs of late... Here is one of my favorites to go driving around to. I hope you enjoy...

Die Young - Ke$ha

Kisses, Andrea.

01 November 2012


Tomorrow is my 19th birthday. Not having thought on it much until a day or so ago, this means that I have now had this blog for over a year! This is quite the special occasion!

You might remember that last year for my birthday I made a goal list for myself. Click here to check it out! This year, I will be doing the same thing for myself. Although my goals might change, or there might be a couple of repeats, I can't say that it was a complete fail.

"19 before 20"

1. Learn how to paint.
- This is something that I've always wanted to expand on. It takes so much more than brushes and canvas to know how to paint.
2. Drink less soda.
- Soda is way overrated nowadays. It's unhealthy and not needed in my life. I can live without it, can't I?
3. Make an Afghan.
- While this may have been on my list last year, I did not get to it. Here goes round two.
4. Be Positive.
- Just recently I have felt as though I haven't been as positive in some situations as I could have been. Negativity does not need to have a special home in my life.
5. Spend quality time with my family.
- Now that I don't live at home, I find that it is important to spend quality time with my family. By quality time, I mean time that actually means something to us.
6. Practice Photography and learn new techniques.
- You can never go wrong with practice and learning.
7. Open my mind to new things.
- Here recently, I have been somewhat closed minded on certain issues. I know this is wrong and I hope to work on opening my mind to new things whether it be culture, religion, etc.
8. Do well in my classes.
- This is basically self explanatory.
9. Try to be a better voter.
- Now that I am registered to vote, I feel like I am required to be more informed about politics than I have been previously.
10. Stay involved.
- I believe that staying involved at school is important. I don't want to start slacking!
11. Draw more!
- Art makes me happy, I don't draw as much as I used to. It's hard nowadays to sit down and find some time to just draw.
12. Continue to try and learn how to play the guitar.
- I got a start on it this last year. Maybe I'll make great leaps and bounds this year.
13. Strengthen the relationships with the important people in my life.
14. Be Informed.
- To provide a logical argument for anything you have to be informed of the facts. I'm going to try and not hold any arguments about anything that I am not informed about.
15. Change the oil in my car, by myself.
- I'm 19 years old, I need to know how to do this by myself.
16. Recycle!
- The world needs to be cleaner, don't deny it. Even if you think that the hole in the Ozone is a hoax...
17. Try new foods!
- I'm a very picky eater, I will be the first to admit it. I need to broaden my horizons, a lot.
18. Be more outgoing.
- Some may describe me as this already, I feel as though I've softened and I don't do as much as I used to.
... and last but not least...
19. Love myself.

For everyone else working on their own goals, good luck!

How do you guys keep yourself motivated whenever it comes to your own aspirations and goals?

Kisses, Andrea.