30 July 2012

Photofiltre: Using Masks

Everyone likes to add cute little hearts or other images to their pictures. Sometimes it just adds something cute that makes your picture. Here is a tutorial to help you out!

If you have any questions feel free to comment! I will get with you as soon as possible.

Kisses, Andrea.

24 July 2012

Book Review: The Great Gatsby

This is a book that you don't really see current reviews for, I know. I thought that because I had to read if for my junior English class, I would share what I exactly thought about this novel. First off, it's by F. Scott Fitzgerald, which I'm sure the students that are searching for a quick synopsis of it already know.

I would recommend this book that is interested in a slightly twisted love story and is also interested in the happenings of the 1920's before the stock market crash.

Jay Gatsby was a military man that fell in love with a rich, young lady. This young lady named Daisy says she will wait on Jay but goes back on her word and marries another man. Jay Gatsby then spends the majority of his time on creating a lifestyle that Daisy would be suited to. Gatsby and Daisy are eventually reunited but in the end are ultimately separated.

For those students who are actually taking the time to read through this you will be glad you did. Here are a few themes, symbols, and other things to help you with your assignments.

Jay Gatsby - New money, money obtained through hard work
Tom - Old money, inherited money
Daisy - Innocence
Jordan - Flappers
The Green Light - What do green lights usually mean? GO FOR IT.
 Gatsby represents and is fueled by the night but tries to create a false day with his bright parties. The bright parties are supposed to fill the void of a bright Daisy.
Time is also another important theme throughout the novel along with forbidden love.

F. Scott Fitzgerald is a wonderful writer, even though this novel and many other edits of it were rejected multiple times. I believe that because Fitzgerald pulls from his personal experience, it adds to the novel and helps pull together the various themes as a whole.

For the most part, I enjoyed this book even though the first chapter is a little hard to get through. Just persevere and I'm sure you will enjoy it at some point. Good luck in your English classes!

Kisses, Andrea.

21 July 2012

Super Saturday

This morning the wonderful Mr. Bailey woke me up early to go to some garage sales to look for a bike. He wants to bike around Oklahoma State and hopefully save himself some money on gas. I don't blame him, even with gas prices going down.

I have to say we looked adorable in matching OSU orange t-shirts and jeans, even if I don't have picture evidence. Ha.

Right now, Mr. Bailey is replacing the inner tube on his new to him bike. At only fifteen dollars, I would say that it's a great deal. Especially since he only is having to replace one inner tube also. Maybe we should go to  garage sales more often. It was fun, even though it was early this morning.

After going to plenty of garage sales we had a lovely lunch at Carl's Jr. Mr. Bailey loves his chili cheese fries from there.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

Kisses, Andrea.

20 July 2012

Sepia, Remixed!

A lot of people will use a sepia filter to give their pictures an "older" look. I've found a method on Photofiltre that I like probably a million times better. I hope you do too.

Play around with the opacity. I usually leave mine on 50% no matter the picture but some pictures require a little more or a little less, it just depends. Have fun experimenting!

Kisses, Andrea.

Book Review: Committed

This is another book authored by Elizabeth Gilbert. Once again it is her experiences within her own life written down for everyone to read. Although, she claims in this book that the novel is written for herself and then a set of her closest women friends of varying age and marital status.

First off, I would only only only recommend this book to a woman (possibly man) that is getting married.

The reason being for this very specific criteria is that while it does outline Liz's struggle to marry her Brazilian love, it mostly contains the research that Liz did before getting married. All the facts that lay within the pages are amazing facts, ones that interested me even though I'm not getting married anytime soon. I just think that someone who is getting married soon and has fears about marriage would benefit a great deal more than I did. Though decently entertaining, I don't believe the purpose of it was to entertain.

You can purchase this book on your Kindle, I don't remember how much though.

For a serious rating of one to ten with ten being the best, I would give this book a seven. Only because it wasn't a book that I needed to read at that time.

18 July 2012

Book Review: Eat, Pray, Love

Where do I even start with this book? Eat, Pray, Love is authored by Elizabeth Gilbert (who refers to herself as "Liz" on occasion). This book is an account of her journey to find herself, if you can even call it that.

First of all, I would recommend this book to any girl or woman (probably about 13 or 14 and up) at any stage in their life that has given up on themselves and most importantly their concept of love. This could also just be read for enjoyment by anyone else, but if you need some inspiration to not give up on love, it's in this book. Pinky promise.

For the synopsis: This book is an autobiography, although the author states it may not be super accurate because of her lack of being able to remember conversations word for word. Throughout the novel, Liz recounts her time in Italy, India, and Bali. She takes a year off to travel through these three wonderful places to learn how to enjoy herself, pray, and then balance it all. Read the novel to be moved by a woman who explores her own suffering, pleasure, peace, and then love.

I'm not sure how much this book is or even if you can get it on your Kindle for a very special friend of mine gave me my copy as a gift while I was going through a rough time. I still love her to this day for that.

Elizabeth Gilbert is a talented writer and she showcases her work in this one of a kind novel. Please read this, for a give it a ten star rating! Warning: You might bawl. Make sure to have some tissues nearby. I needed them while I was reading.

Kisses, Andrea.

Go Pokes!

As of about 10:35 on Friday, July 13th, I am officially an Oklahoma State University Cowboy! I'm so excited to start and share this new chapter in my life with those surfing around the internet. I'm enrolled in 14 hours of amazing college classes. It's going to be a lot different than high school and I'm definitely ready for the change. Hopefully I'll be challenged more than I was in high school.

Since I am starting something new in my life I thought I would share my progress on my "18 before 19" goal list. You can reference the list here, which was posted around my eighteenth birthday.


1. Check! It took twelve long years, but I finally graduated high school. I can't say that I don't feel accomplished for finishing this goal even though I already knew I would. There is just something satisfying about checking something off a list.

3. Check! I got my first tattoo. A matching one, with my mom. It was one of the most special things that I ever did with her. I love her so much.

6. Check! I got a job in January and I love it!

8. Check! One of my very best friends will be attending college with me in the fall. Yay!

15. Check... Sort of. I went to one lesson and learned TATTOO some basics. I'll try and work on it. Bestie. ♥

While I haven't completed everything on my list or even started on some of it that doesn't mean I am disappointed in myself. I'm just trying to make myself better. One year I might finish everything on my list, one year I may be too old to even remember all the things on my list. Who knows?

How is everyone else getting along with "New Year's Resolutions" or goals?

Kisses, Andrea.

05 July 2012

July 4th: The Day After

Good morning! I hope everyone was safe with their fireworks last night. Where I was we had three small grass fires. We put them out quickly with buckets and a hose though. No harm, no foul. Right? I was surprised because usually my family goes to the town fireworks. This year we went to a family friend's house and tried not to cause too much damage with a cookout and an annual turtle shoot. I'm proud to say I shot one! It's a great accomplishment for me when the only things I've shot have been plastic bottles and none of them moving. We also bought almost 400 sparklers. Safe to say, we have plenty left. :) Anyways, thank you to the troops who give us the freedom to do these things. Without them we could be stuck with a communist government and no freedoms at all. Kisses, Andrea.

04 July 2012

Book Review: Vampire Kisses

Okay, I know. The title of this blog post sounds like a bad romance. It sort of is. I thought I would try my hand at a book review. Although Vampire Kisses is a romance, in no way is it bad. This book was authored by Ellen Schreiber.

First of all, I would recommend this book for someone over the age of twelve but not any older than, let's say, about nineteen. It might be because I fall into this age range that I found this book quite entertaining and I just couldn't put it down.

For a quick synopsis, the novel is about a teenage goth girl, named Raven, who is trapped in a town where everything is quite plain and nothing ever happens. That is, until a strange family moves into an abandoned mansion. Through various events Raven's world is turned upside down by a handsome boy who is thought to be a vampire by the unsuspecting townsfolk. You'll have to read the book to find out more!

If you're now dying to read this book, I must warn you that it's a series, but you can get it and the sequels on your Kindle! Vampire Kisses is a mere $6.99!

I believe that this could be a book that could go places, if only people weren't tired out by the whole teen vampire romance theme. I happen to love that theme because even though it is overused, different authors approach it in such different ways. I will say, Schreiber is an amazing author that understands her character and seems to lose herself in her own stories. It is creative and while the main character is always up to something, takes a more innocent approach to a romantic theme. On a scale of one to thumbs up, I give it jumps for joy!

Please read this book. I promise you won't regret it (Maybe you will, but you can blame your unhappiness on me. I won't care).

Kisses, Andrea.

03 July 2012


This is just a little color tutorial. Nothing too fancy, just makes your pictures look pretty! 

Hope you enjoy! Remember that all photos are different and it may take a little bit of fiddling to get the desired effect.

Kisses, Andrea.

02 July 2012

Late Night Tinkering.

I know this will make for a third post in the past 24 hours, but I can't say that I care. I can go weeks without posting and then this is what you get.

It's currently Midnight:30 and my computer has only 22% battery life left. One of the earlier posts looked like shit because of the images and so I spent a great amount of time reteaching myself to how to fix the image code from pictures uploaded to the oh wonderful Photobucket. I definitely love Photobucket.

I believe I might start posting code up so that others can utilize it. I used to do this on a special MySpace that I had. It was one of those that was called "sites". If you know what a site is, THANK GOD. I won't feel like a loser, otherwise I shall give a brief description.

A site was made on MySpace to showcase many talents. Usually no real pictures of the person who ran the site was posted. These sites had everything from bits of code, Photofiltre tutorials, Photoshop tutorials, MySpace layouts (that were coded by teenagers), and etc. It was an extensive network of people and it took awhile to be "accepted" if that's what you want to call it.

Anyways, I possessed my own site first called Fighting For Peace, then Decode the Lullaby, then it eventually became just Lullaby.

Anyways. Just a bit of reminiscing there for you. Hopefully I can provide code for those who need it out there still.

Kisses, Andrea.

Photography, please!

I have something to admit to my faithful readers. I'm into photography. Big shock, huh? Though right now I am only rocking a Nikon Coolpix S4300 (a present from my boss) and before that a Sanyo of some sort (it was a trooper I'll tell you, it lasted me from the 7th grade up until a few months ago). My upgrade will hopefully be this little beauty (*drool*) in a few months and before the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert that I will be attending in October!

Just to rant on for a couple minutes... It absolutely enrages (AKA makes me super jealous) when I see people using a Canon Rebel (or some other super nice, expensive camera) and then have no earthly idea how to not only use it but aren't using it to its fullest capabilities. I mean, if you have the money for that nice of camera but can't figure out how to turn the flash on... I think you bought a camera that isn't right for you. My rant is now done. I hope.

Anyways, my pennies are being saved diligently for my upgrade. I should probably set myself a goal to save by a certain date. Maybe that will help it go along faster?

How do you save money for special treats? How do you make it easier to put the money away and then leave it there? Share, share! For right now my extra pennies are just sitting in a jar, along with a few bills.

Kisses, Andrea.


For a graduation gift to myself I bought myself an iPhone. It was quite the expensive treat... but I felt as though I definitely deserved it. In the past month and some change I have taken quite a few Instagram photos. It is definitely an addiction of mine, I have to admit. Here is some of them:
I love Instagram uber much! For those of you who want Instagram for yourselves and don't have iPhones, now worries! I hear Androids now have Instagram! For those of you who don't have smart phones at all... I plan on trying to recreate some of the effects of Instagram in Photofiltre. When I am successful, I shall post the tutorials!

Kisses, Andrea.