29 April 2012

Photofiltre Time!

Here is the first tutorial! It's something simple, but I promise there will be more complicated stuff to come. You just have to work with me for now. I've got tons of stuff in the archives but I don't want to shell it all out for you at one time! What fun would that be?
Even if you have figured out how to do black and white photos already and you're new to Photofiltre, just mess around with all the different settings and become familiar with your new program. It takes a bit to figure out but here are a few helpful notes:
Ctrl + Z = UNDO (My personal favorite.)
Ctrl + D = Hide Selection or Show Selection
Ctrl + A = Select All
Ctrl + Y = REDO

Have fun with the your photo editing and good luck!

Photofiltre Love!

I used to be really into photo editing. I never got fancy with the Photoshop or anything even though I tried to download it a couple times. It just wasn't my cup of tea, if you know what I mean. I did fall in love with one very special photo editing program: Photofiltre! It's very user friendly and for a time I even made different tutorials for it. I've decided to share them here for everyone to see!

For those of you that don't have Photofiltre though, you can download it here. I've even downloaded a copy to a jump drive so I can take it everywhere. I would be nothing without my Photofiltre. I've done tons of editing with Photofiltre, here's some examples of what I used to do:

The last picture I took myself at a concert. The rest of the images were obtained of various sites or were sent to me by friends to edit. I'm ready to enter the world of photo editing again, I hope you are too. Visit back soon for tutorials.