17 May 2012

The End is Near!

Graduation is merely a couple of days away for me. I'm so excited! Today we had graduation practice (which about bored me to tears even when a few friends and I wore mustaches). I'm proudly going to graduate with honors and a valedictorian! All these years of hard work are finally going to pay off. Front row seats, man!

I know that's not the best reason to work hard for the better half of my life because even though I'm fourth in line, I won't  be able to leave until all one hundred forty two of us have walked the stage. This process is horrible and just to receive a diploma holder. We don't even actually get the real thing until a couple days after!

The graduation money has been rolling in too. I'm in the process of saving for a down payment on a vehicle so it's going straight to that. Sigh. I'm also getting some gifts that will definitely be useful in college.

I won a mini-fridge at my school's after prom.
My boss bought me a weather radio and a digital camera! (Nikon CoolPix s4300 and so far I love it! I'll write a review on it later on)
My mom's friends are putting together a trash can full of goodies and a laundry basket full of useful things.
My cousin is getting me fluffy towels! I love the fluffy towels.

I can't to see what else comes rolling in. I love my friends and family so much and I'm so happy that they care so much for me. Without them I would not be where I am today. So a warm heartfelt thank you goes out to all of them!

What have you all hauled in so far in this graduation season? Comment below!

Kisses, Andrea.

13 May 2012

Looking Sharp!

I hate blurry pictures! Doesn't everybody? Here's a quick tutorial to help.

Disclaimer: Some pictures look good blurry and some don't. Also, don't expect this to save a horribly blurry picture. Results are always dependent on the image being used by the editor.

Hope your images come out great! I love how sometimes if you sharpen a little too much it has a great overly sharp effect.

Kisses, Andrea.

Le Photofiltre, mmm.

Here's another simple tutorial for those fools out there who love Photofiltre as much as I do! This one is all about putting text onto a picture. It's something I know many people love doing, I do it a lot myself.

This tutorial just shows the basics of adding text to a picture. If you want to know about something more advanced, comment! I will respond as quickly as possible.

Also, if you can't figure out how to do something on your own comment on any blog post and ask! I will make specific tutorials for anyone who asks.

Kisses, Andrea.

09 May 2012


Today I had a chiropractor appointment. He told me I had tension in my back. I guess I've been stressing over things more than I should have. I definitely need to relax... Especially since the words of my chiropractor were, "You've achieved your goals and now it's time to set some new ones but not until you sleep and rest and have some fun." It's sad when an older person is telling a teenager to have fun.

Graduation is officially eleven days away and I'm pumped. Tomorrow we receive our caps and gowns. It's so exciting! My mom is excited but she's sad to see me leaving home. She's going to have empty nest, bad. Poor mom.

Good luck to all those graduates out there and to their mothers!

Kisses, Andrea.

06 May 2012

Mmm, Photofiltre.

Here is another Photofiltre tutorial to be shared with everyone!

One thing that I hate a lot of the time is when I have a picture that is too dark to use for anything. This method uses Gamma Correction to make the picture lighter overall. 
Using settings like the ones shown provided me with a better picture. You'll definitely have to mess with the settings so that it works the best with the picture you are working on. 
Don't lighten the picture up too much or you'll lose quality and no one wants that!

Happy Photo editing!


As a high school senior I'm more than ready for my own graduation. This weekend though I went to my boyfriend's sweet parents' house to celebrate his brother's graduation from college. I can't wait until I'm to that point in my life even though it seems so far away!

There are a few graduations to attend still yet though. I obviously have to attend my own but then about two weeks after that my beautiful best friend is graduating! I'm super excited to travel to Denton, Texas to watch her graduate but super sad that her last name begins with a "W"! Graduation for her is going to be long!

So ready to graduate! <3