20 August 2012

The Basement

Today was the first day of classes at the loverly Oklahoma State University. My day was spent running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to make it to my classes on time (I was only thankfully late to one out of four).

Here is a quick recap of my day:

I woke up early so that I could bike (mostly uphill) to Parking and Transit so that I could register my bike.
I then rode over to the Student Union and got myself a healthy breakfast from Jamba Juice of a Pomegranate   Pick Me Up. It's my favorite, and I have to say it's delicious.
I went to my first class, which I already have homework in.
I then went to lunch with the wonderful Mr. Bailey. We waited in line for 30 minutes at Johnny Rocket's. A cute little burger joint in the Union that is delicious. (Did I mention that there are 33 dining options on campus alone? YUM.)
I then went to my next three classes which were back to back. I was exhausted after the last one but somehow managed to gather enough energy to go to Aqua Zumba.
Now that Aqua Zumba is over, and I have decided to run for Residence Hall Association Senator for my building, I am doing laundry for I am in desperate need of towels.

My roommate is nice enough to sit with me while I wait. She's so nice.

How is everyone else doing?

Kisses, Andrea.

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