02 July 2012

Late Night Tinkering.

I know this will make for a third post in the past 24 hours, but I can't say that I care. I can go weeks without posting and then this is what you get.

It's currently Midnight:30 and my computer has only 22% battery life left. One of the earlier posts looked like shit because of the images and so I spent a great amount of time reteaching myself to how to fix the image code from pictures uploaded to the oh wonderful Photobucket. I definitely love Photobucket.

I believe I might start posting code up so that others can utilize it. I used to do this on a special MySpace that I had. It was one of those that was called "sites". If you know what a site is, THANK GOD. I won't feel like a loser, otherwise I shall give a brief description.

A site was made on MySpace to showcase many talents. Usually no real pictures of the person who ran the site was posted. These sites had everything from bits of code, Photofiltre tutorials, Photoshop tutorials, MySpace layouts (that were coded by teenagers), and etc. It was an extensive network of people and it took awhile to be "accepted" if that's what you want to call it.

Anyways, I possessed my own site first called Fighting For Peace, then Decode the Lullaby, then it eventually became just Lullaby.

Anyways. Just a bit of reminiscing there for you. Hopefully I can provide code for those who need it out there still.

Kisses, Andrea.

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