02 July 2012

Photography, please!

I have something to admit to my faithful readers. I'm into photography. Big shock, huh? Though right now I am only rocking a Nikon Coolpix S4300 (a present from my boss) and before that a Sanyo of some sort (it was a trooper I'll tell you, it lasted me from the 7th grade up until a few months ago). My upgrade will hopefully be this little beauty (*drool*) in a few months and before the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert that I will be attending in October!

Just to rant on for a couple minutes... It absolutely enrages (AKA makes me super jealous) when I see people using a Canon Rebel (or some other super nice, expensive camera) and then have no earthly idea how to not only use it but aren't using it to its fullest capabilities. I mean, if you have the money for that nice of camera but can't figure out how to turn the flash on... I think you bought a camera that isn't right for you. My rant is now done. I hope.

Anyways, my pennies are being saved diligently for my upgrade. I should probably set myself a goal to save by a certain date. Maybe that will help it go along faster?

How do you save money for special treats? How do you make it easier to put the money away and then leave it there? Share, share! For right now my extra pennies are just sitting in a jar, along with a few bills.

Kisses, Andrea.

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