21 July 2012

Super Saturday

This morning the wonderful Mr. Bailey woke me up early to go to some garage sales to look for a bike. He wants to bike around Oklahoma State and hopefully save himself some money on gas. I don't blame him, even with gas prices going down.

I have to say we looked adorable in matching OSU orange t-shirts and jeans, even if I don't have picture evidence. Ha.

Right now, Mr. Bailey is replacing the inner tube on his new to him bike. At only fifteen dollars, I would say that it's a great deal. Especially since he only is having to replace one inner tube also. Maybe we should go to  garage sales more often. It was fun, even though it was early this morning.

After going to plenty of garage sales we had a lovely lunch at Carl's Jr. Mr. Bailey loves his chili cheese fries from there.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

Kisses, Andrea.

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