30 August 2012


As my second week of college comes to a close I can't help but report to my readers all that has happened within the past week, which seems like a lot to me. Maybe once I type it all out it won't seem that way. I feel as though I have been keeping myself busy, not only with class, but with extracurricular activities, socializing, and even trying to be active.

So far I feel like I have done a decent job of becoming involved on campus. I recently ran my own campaign  for a senator's position for Wentz Hall government. If you don't know what that is, I will tell you! Hall government is basically like student council for big kids. Each building has their own government and government officials. Senators meet with the senators from other residence halls and participate in Hall Senate. I'm happy, and proud to say that I was voted to one of two senators for Wentz. The first session of Hall Senate isn't until September 10th, but I think I can wait that long.
Along with hall government, I'm also part of the Residential Leadership College. Tonight I actually participated in a campus wide scavenger hunt. Although it was hot, it was lots of fun.

I've also been trying to take on the role of having an "active" lifestyle. I'm doing this for myself, to make me feel better and to make my quality of life better. With resources like the Colvin Recreation Center here on Oklahoma State's beautiful campus, I don't see how you cannot be active (along with the fact that the campus is huge and you literally have to walk everywhere).
I've been going to Aqua Zumba classes and tonight I'm glad to say that my roommate and I participated in rock climbing! It was probably one of the most out there things I had done whenever it came to being active, and I loved it. I'm surprised that I am actually still able to type right now. I'm already feeling the burn and it makes me glad to know that there will be some results if I can motivate myself to continue rock climbing.

On another happy note, I bought a new shirt for the game on Saturday. I can't wait for Oklahoma State to kick some butt! The first game of the season promises to be a crazy one, for the rumor is that there is already people camping out over by Boone Pickens Stadium. I guess we will see.

For the other college freshmen out there, how are you avoiding the "Freshmen Fifteen" (my mentors keep reminding me that it is very real)?

Kisses, Andrea.

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