20 September 2012

Rock Climbing

The wellness center here at Oklahoma State is a large one and offers many programs. Including a weekly "Ladies' Night" at the rock wall. Tonight I am going for the fourth week in a row. I have to say that I have fallen deeply and madly in love with rock climbing. It has become a work out for me, one that I enjoy and cannot wait for each week.

"Why only go once a week?" you may ask... I only go once a week because that's the only time they have staff available to belay climbers. The wonderful Mr. Bailey and I have decided to get certified in belaying so that we will be able to go climbing more often. Mr. Bailey has been unable to even climb at all because he is unfortunately male. He pouts every Thursday night.

I can't wait to get certified, it will open so many doors for me when I do. Rock climbing is the only exercise that I have found that I love and have consistently stuck to. I think having to pay for the certification will help with that also.

What is everyone else doing to stay in shape this year? What ways do you exercise without actually exercising?

Kisses, Andrea.

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