26 October 2011


So, the first nine weeks of the last year of my high school career is done. Only three more to go. It seems as though everyone is hating their senior year, including my best friend, Abigail, from Denton, Texas. Senior-itis is kicking in for everyone.

I had Parent Teacher conferences last night. I'm absolutely hating my classes this year but my grades are fine. My mom likes to go to these things just for the pure fact she never comes to the school for anything other than football games. I'm not really invloved in anything that people can watch besides football.

My rants seem to be continuing on.

On a side note, I get my senior pictures in this weekend. Even though I ordered plenty, I have no clue whether I'm going to be handing out all of them. I have plenty of friends, of course but I just don't think that many people will want a picture of me. I'm known but not necessarily popular. I'll let you know how it goes later on.

Well, I'm going to head to be bed for tonight. I have a long day of reading to little kids tomorrow for this thing called Boomer Readers.

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