08 November 2011


It is so freezing cold in the land of Oklahoma. If you haven't heard, Oklahoma is now home to the Quakenado. Unfortunately I haven't even felt ONE of the earthquakes. I'm so angry. My mom even felt one when we were both in the house together. Somehow, she felt it at one end and I didn't on the other.

It was recently my 18th birthday. I had an amazing day thanks to my friends and family. My mom wrote on the bathroom mirror, "Look who's 18!" and decorated my bedroom door. My friend, Morgan got me a card with a sexy cowboy on it. She knows me so well. It was awkward though when some people that I didn't know told me happy birthday. I didn't get any gifts but that's not what being happy is about.

It was also Senior Night last week for football. Which means we got to walk the field with our parents and show our appreciation to them. We also got tons of gifts. My basket included: various gift cards, candy, a picture frame, magnet board, decorative cross, laundry basket, cookies, a keychain, and many other things. We pretty much made a huge haul of stuff.
Aren't me and my mommy cute? :3

This week is Round One of playoffs. It's time to see what the Boomers are made of. Wish us luck!

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