05 July 2012

July 4th: The Day After

Good morning! I hope everyone was safe with their fireworks last night. Where I was we had three small grass fires. We put them out quickly with buckets and a hose though. No harm, no foul. Right? I was surprised because usually my family goes to the town fireworks. This year we went to a family friend's house and tried not to cause too much damage with a cookout and an annual turtle shoot. I'm proud to say I shot one! It's a great accomplishment for me when the only things I've shot have been plastic bottles and none of them moving. We also bought almost 400 sparklers. Safe to say, we have plenty left. :) Anyways, thank you to the troops who give us the freedom to do these things. Without them we could be stuck with a communist government and no freedoms at all. Kisses, Andrea.

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